Last night we made our twangy return to Breskens NL. Like many of the small venues that we have returned to over the last four years the Bounty Cafe has become one of our homes away from home.

Martin – the Bountys owner – always treats us to a fresh seafood meal before our gig and late night shrimp sandwiches after the show.

And of course there’s beer…gallons of beer. Honestly if it wasn’t for Amstel 0.0 I don’t think I’d be standing by the end of the night.

Funny thing here; every beer gets it’s own unique chalice except the de-alcoholized kind. For that they just hand you the bottle. I guess it’s not considered to be worthy of a special receptacle.

As for the crowd that shows up to see us it seems as though it’s been almost the exact same group of people each time we’ve appeared on the Cafe’s cozy stage. Maybe they are just always there? Like an extension of the decor…

This is the meal that was waiting for us yesterday. We had to eat first, before we set up, as this table was occupying the stage.


And for your dining and dancing pleasure here’s a rockin version of a song from the latest Cousin Harley CD. This is from our show at Mafcentrum in Maasbree two nights ago.

[wpvideo P9yLYTgr]