The last couple of days have been interesting. We’ve been hanging out in Schipluiden recording some music at a friends home studio.

It was an entirely analogue experience. We recorded live to tape with all of us in one small room. There were no headphones and – more importantly to me – no click track. Man do I hate the click track. It’s like that annoying person who always has to correct everyone’s grammar and spelling…

Anyway it was a relaxed and enjoyable recording experience is what I’m trying to say.

I have the day off today but after getting caught in another rather epic rain and wind storm yesterday my clothes and shoes are soaked.


What happened was Keith and I decided we’d walk to Delft and that everything would be cool as long as we took umbrellas. We were wrong! Our umbrellas didn’t last very long in the wind and pretty soon we were just a couple of drowned rats trudging away alongside the canal.

Funny thing here, nobody walks anywhere. People seem incredibly amused by the sight of a couple of clowns walking along in the pouring rain and howling wind.

Tomorrow we’re off to Geel Belgium. It’s a new town for us so hopefully we can stay dry and get out to see the sights a bit.


If I had a lawn I would definitely need at least one of these!