Audiopile, Commercial Drive Vancouver BC

After my recent post about the amusing but also slightly depressing documentary “I Need That Record”  I couldn’t help spending a Saturday afternoon visiting a few of my local record shops.  I headed down to Commercial Drive with a pile of LPs to trade and a mission to find some prestine sides for my collection.

My first stop was Audiopile and the place was packed, a total gong show. “No trading in records today” I said to myself. It turned out that Saturday was International Record Store Day. I didn’t even know such a thing existed but now that I do I think it should be a stat holiday with free concerts, jugglers, balloons and maybe even a parade. RECORD STORES FOR ALL!

Highlife Music, Commercial Drive Vancouver BC

But I digress…

Here’s a few random thoughts about used record shops:

I can’t name last recording I bought on iTunes but if I thought about it for a few minutes I could probably tell you about almost every LP I’ve purchased in a used record shop this year. Why is that? After all I get those annoying  iTunes email receipts reminding me of a purchase that has disappeared into the digital abyss of my hard drive. It must be something about the experience of the quest: leaving the house, taking the train, searching through all the bins and taking your finds over to the listening station to see if they live up to expectations.

I love the element of surprise you get at the used record shop.  How many times have I blurted out  “Wow I had know idea these cats recorded together!” or “What? Oscar Peterson on Organ? Holy Shit!”

Then there’s that feeling you get walking up to the new arrivals bin like it’s the craps table at the Tropicana.  You ask yourself “Is today my lucky day?”  Sometimes you roll the dice and get mint Blue Note LPs and sometimes it’s just “sheeeeit, Kenny G”.

And last but not least lets not forget about those top record nerds that always have stuff playing in the shop you’ve never even heard of. Death Metal from Winnipeg? Soul music from Madagascar? How about some Polish Bebop?   They’ve got it and you need it!

Paul Pigat performs at Highlife Music for Record Store Day