It’s been a bit of a tough tour for blogging. First my laptop died, then we hit a patch of dodgy WIFI, and now I’ve sat on my iPhone and munched the screen. Keep it up Cahill.

So what have you missed you ask?

For starters we played at a rodeo in Belgium on Sunday. Never a dull moment out here on the road.

Next up was a quick drive to Heerland Nl where we spent a day relaxing before making an appearance at the L1 Radio and Television Studio Tuesday. We taped an almost acoustic set that will be aired sometime in the near future.

In the geek department I used only my bass drum, snare drum, and a cymbal for this session. I mention this only because this is something I hate doing. It’s like walking around with one shoe on or something.

For some reason though I always forget just how much I hate playing half a kit. Until of course I get to the next session like this one and I think to myself “hey man, don’t drag all that stuff in there…you won’t need it”.

After the radio session we headed to the Heerlen Cultuurhuis for a show that was billed as a Box Car Campfire performance (Box Car is one of Paul’s other projects). For this slightly more intimate concert we played a mixture of songs from the Box Car record plus some toned down Cousin Harley repertoire.

It sounded a bit like this:

[wpvideo CT0zEkfw]

Tonight we hit in Deventer. Should be a good one.

More soon…I hope.